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Towns are safe havens where you can rest up and make use of the many services to upgrade your gear, change classes, purchase needed items, and sleep at the inn. Towns also have Townsfolk with interesting things to say that may lead you to Treasure or give hints for some Dungeons.

Services Available:

  • Item Shop: Purchase Consumables such as health restoring bread or teleporting coacoa to help on your journey.
  • Blacksmith: Craft and Upgrade your gear to boost your stats further.
  • Bank: Deposit your gold so you dont lose half of it if you perish.
  • Class Changer: Change your class and switch your playstyle while opening the door for new abilities.
  • Point Resetter: Usually standing beside the Class Changer, they will reset your Stat and Skill Points if you change your mind.
  • Inn: Rest up at the Inn to restore all Health and Mana, and gain a Well Rested buff that boosts Exp Gained as well as the speed you Regenerate Health and Mana.
  • Guild: Hand in your achieved Achievements for rewards here.
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