Wyvia Wiki

Player Exp Required Formula: (Player Level x 20) x 1.4 = Exp Required

Class Exp Required Formula: (Class Level x (5 x Class Tier)) x 1.2 = Exp Required

When you reach the required experience points to level your character by defeating monsters or handing in Achievements for their rewards, you will gain Stat Points which you can allocate into one of the 9 different Main Stats.

Stat Point Formula: (Total Levels / 4) + 3 = Stat Points Gained This Level

Each Stat costs a certain amount of Stat Points depending on how many of that Main Stat was allocated.

Stat Cost Formula: ((Stat - 1) / 10) + 2 = Stat Cost

When you level up your class, you get 1 Skill Point which you can use to upgrade any of the Skills that belong to that class.