Wyvia Wiki
Name Cost Effect Flavor Feedable
White Bun 50 Restores 50 Health. A single slice of plain white bread without much flavor. Pairs nicely with water. YES
Garlic Bun 200 Restores 200 Health. A nicely toasted slice of bread coated in garlic and butter. A superb dipping bread. YES
Honey Bun 500 Restores 500 Health. A sweet honey-glazed loaf of sourdough bread. More dessert than dinner. YES
Cheese Bun 1500 Restores All Health. A sweet honey-glazed bun with a thick layer of cheese on top. The ultimate bread. YES
Manapple 60 Restores 50 Mana. A sweet, crunchy fruit imbued with magical powers. Good and good for you! YES
Bamana 300 Restores 200 Mana. A fruit that is as magical as it is elongated. Try it! YES
Maniwi 700 Restores 500 Mana. A bright green fruit with many seeds. The green is for magic. YES
Pine Manapple 2000 Restores All Mana. A tropical fruit covered in tough skin and sharp spines. The taste is simply magical, though! YES
Pine Manapple Pizza 4000 Restores All Health and Mana. An entire cheesy pizza topped with slices of pine manapple. Sacrelicious! YES
Giant Ginger Tea 200 Recover from all negative status effects and resist them for a short time. A tall glass of tea made with roasted ginger YES
Garish Garlic Tart 100 Enemies run away from you for a short time. A small pastry filled with a paste made of roasted garlic. Breath mint optional. YES
Spicy Lychee 200 Fire tons of flames from your mouth in random directions for a short time, dealing (5 x Level)% Magical Damage per flame. A very small, very spicy fruit that causes you to spit hot fire. Not for the faint of heart or gut. YES
Spiked Spinach Roll 250 Increases damage dealt by 20% with everything for a short time. A delicious, umami spring roll wrapped in spinach. Eat it to grow strong for mom. YES
Palace Potatocake 250 Decreases damage received by 20% from all sources for a short time. Creamy, sweetened mashed potatoes baked into a cake. Surprisingly good for your health. YES
Comfy Coacoa 100 Allows you to Teleport to a place you've been before. Hot Cocoa that has a sentimental flavor. It really brings you back. YES
Enormous Egg 0 Dropped from Chick Familiar. Break open for a random item. A giant egg laid by a tiny chick. What could be inside something so nonsensical? ---