Wyvia Wiki
Vanishing Fireball Mage
Blast Enemies with your Barrage of Fireballs dealing a high amount of crits, and clearing through mobs and bosses fast.
  • Once Hide, and Better Hide are Maxed out, use that to give you a large damage boost when you use Intensify.
  • Getting High amounts of Dexterity increases your Critical Damage to around 275%.
  • At Max Level, with Critical hits, deals over 5k Magic Damage.


  • 100 Intelligence
  • 50 Luck
  • 50 Vitality
  • 80 Dexterity (If You Want more Damage output but less Health, Set this to 100, and Leave Vitality to 1)

---Active Skills---

  • Intensify Lv5
  • Fensive Lv10 (Get this around Lv 20. Mainly for Defence)
  • Hide Lv10 (Used mainly to activate Damage Boost.)

---Passive Skills---

(Get in Order shown on the list.)


  • Training Lv10 (Needed for Attack Speed and Crit)
  • Healthfulness Lv5 (Mainly for Survivability)


  • Wizard's Intelligence Lv10 (Damage Boost)
  • Tome Mastery Lv10 (Damage Boost)
  • Mana Well Lv10 (If your having Mana issues)
  • Wizards Resilience Lv10 (For Magic Defence)


  • Terminal Velocity Lv10 (Projectile Speed + Bounce is great)
  • Better Hide Lv10 (Huge Damage Boost)
  • Wayfarer's Luck Lv10 (Needed for High Crit Chance)


  • Better Intensify Lv10 (Huge Damage Boost)
  • Warrior's Vitality Lv10 (Mainly for Survivability)
  • Warrior's Endurance Lv10 (Mainly for Survivability)


  • Weapon - Tome
  • Offhand - Orb
  • Head - Hat
  • Body - Robe
  • Accessory A - Student Monocle
  • Accessory B - Lucky Coin
  • Accessory C - Vampiric Ring
  • Accessory D - Mana Ring