Wyvia Wiki

As you loot chests in towns and dungeons, you will come across many accessories that have different and varied effects on your stats and abilities. As you level, you unlock additional accessory slots to equip them to, so be sure to try many different combinations to find the effects that work for you!

Name Effect Flavor Location
Mercenary Ring Does Nothing. A beautiful ring given to those who signed up to be a Mercenary. Start With.
Hometown Bracelet Does Nothing. Souvenir bought from the gift shop before leaving home. Start With.
Identification Scroll Does Nothing. Scroll filled with personal information, including name, signature and a drawing of a face. Start With.
Comfy Socks Does Nothing. Can't leave home without these! Start With.
Heart Necklace Increases Vitality by 2. A lovely necklace with a jeweled heart to make you feel cared about. Chest in Secret Stash.
Hopeful Necklace Increases Spirit by 2. A necklace imbued with the hope of the blacksmith priest that forged it. Chest in Deep Cavern.
Martial Arts Belt Increases Strength by 2. A belt worn by a martial artist in training. Chest in Deep Cavern.
Student Monocle Increases Intelligence by 2. A monocle for intense all-night studying sessions. Sold by the man in Goopy Cave west of Corn Town.
Flimsy Bracer Increases Endurance by 2. A dull but functional bracer made of thin metal. Chest in Back Barn north of Corn Town.
Rubbery Choker Increases Resilience by 2. A tight choker collar whose design takes your breath away. Chest in Cold Cave.
Thin Tail Increases Dexterity by 2. A thin slender tail made for those who have none and would like one. Northwest chest in Corn Town.
Feather Anklet Increases Agility by 2. An ornate anklet adorned with a single dainty feather. Sold by the man in the Goopy Cave west of Corn Town.
Lucky Coin Increases Luck by 2. A coin covered in good luck charms and mantras that promise the bearer good fortune Chest in Old Castleton.
Vampiric Ring 1% of damage dealt is converted to Health. A magic ring worn by a powerful vampire of legend. Chest in Deep Cavern
Ancient Watch Increases Critical Chance by 1% per second until you land a Crit. A complex ancient mechanism that you wear on your wrist. It makes a mysterious ticking noise. Chest in Old Castleton.
Transparent Bracer Increases Invulnerability Time by 1 second after taking damage. An ethereal bracer that makes the wearer temporarily intangible. Chest in Haunted House.
Mana Ring Whenever you restore Mana, 50% chance to restore double the amount instead. Includes passive regen. A mystical ring with a faintly glowing gemstone that bolsters Mana as you expend it. Chest in Beach Cave.
Training Socks Gain 1 Exp per meter you travel. A fluffy pair of comfortable socks that give you a feeling of zen as you travel. Sold by the man in Goopy Cave west of Corn Town.
Portfolio Wallet 10% chance to get double the gold from enemies and containers. This magical wallet sometimes causes spontaneous windfall of dividends from slain monsters. Chest in Big Old Barn